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'Frontlines' - 24 minutes - Arc'teryx - 2022

Since March 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic has been pushing the limits of our healthcare system. The physical and emotional load placed on our health care workers has been massive. They were proclaimed to be heroes in our society.

'Frontlines' follows three emergency room nurses as they use rock climbing to work through the many stresses of their jobs. Vikki, Mando and Ash strive to find balance in their lives while juggling nursing, climbing, relationships, motherhood, and their personal endeavours.

While incredibly strong, talented and hard-working, these three nurses help remind us that they aren’t just heroes, but people too, just like the rest of us.

Directed by: Casey Dubois & Zac Hoffman

'Crux' - 34 minutes - Arc'teryx - 2021

Life can be beautiful. Life can be messy. Add in the struggles of addiction and life can often become overwhelming.

As trauma, depression, heartbreak and declining mental health were woven into Harvey Wright’s internal fabric, so was rock climbing. Climbing gave him purpose and helped him to connect with nature, with others and with himself. Passion and healing followed but his mental health was to be massively tested by the global pandemic, with self-isolation forcing Harvey away from the climbing lifestyle.

'Crux' tells the story of Harvey’s recovery as he learns to love himself amidst the mountains of his life.

Directed by: Zac Hoffman & Casey Dubois

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